Sedation Dentistry – Phoenix, AZ

Keep Calm During Your Dental Visits

Woman relaxing during sedation dentistry visit

Dental anxiety is actually a lot more common than you would think. However, you do not have to feel alone as tens of millions of Americans actively put off their dental visits simply because they are too afraid to complete them. As a result, dentists all over are providing ways to make the process of completing dental treatments, no matter how simple they may be, easier and more relaxing. With sedation dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, you can get your treatments done with ease whenever you visit Devoted Family Dental Phoenix!

Why Choose Devoted Family Dental Phoenix for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Offers Effective Oral Conscious Sedation
  • Caring Dentists Dedicated to Your Needs
  • Offers Additional Comfort Amenities

Oral Conscious Dental Sedation

Woman taking oral conscious dental sedation pill

Ideal for those with moderate levels of anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, oral conscious sedation is taken orally about an hour or so ahead of your appointment. Since this method is more powerful compared to other sedatives, you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the dental office. The effects are strong enough to put you into a deep state of relaxation and may even make it difficult to remember most of your appointment. Of course, you’ll still be able to speak with our team throughout your treatment.

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