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With proper oral hygiene care at home and regularly scheduled dental checkups with the dentist, your teeth really can last a lifetime. However, there are some unfortunate situations that can require tooth extraction. If you have a tooth that must be removed, then you can feel better knowing that the dentists at Devoted Family Dental Phoenix will perform tooth extractions in Phoenix, AZ with skill, compassion and attention to your comfort and peace of mind.

Why Choose Devoted Family Dental Phoenix for Tooth Extractions?

  • Multiple Tooth Replacement Options Available
  • Sedation Options Available for Nervous Patients
  • Experienced Dentists Dedicated to Your Comfort

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

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There are several reasons why your Dr. Sharma and Dr. Ludu may need to remove one or more teeth. In some cases, a broken tooth may be badly injured and irreparable. Similarly, they may recommend extracting a tooth in order to prepare for a specific restorative treatment or to relieve crowding and create a healthier and more attractive smile.

If you or your child is about to receive orthodontic braces, then tooth extraction may be needed to create space for other teeth to align correctly. Spacing is also often the reason for extracting wisdom teeth. Also called third molars, these teeth tend to be noticeably larger than your other teeth. Therefore, your jaw may not have enough remaining space to accommodate wisdom teeth. Removing them can be especially important after orthodontic treatment. Whether these teeth have erupted or are impacted, they have the potential to put pressure on adjacent teeth, causing pain and even misalignment.

If caught in time, your dentist may be able to preserve an infected tooth by performing a root canal. However, when the infection is advanced, the only option may be extraction. Periodontal disease is another common reason for removing teeth. Advanced periodontitis destroys gum and bone tissue to the extent that teeth are not salvageable. In this case, dental implants can be an excellent choice for tooth replacement.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous oxide dental sedation system

We understand that coming to the dentist to have your tooth removed is a reason for anxiety. Our team will do everything we can to help you have an experience free of worry. Devoted Family Dental Phoenix offers sedation dentistry and painless anesthetic delivery. After the anesthetic takes effect, your dentist will gently remove your tooth.

After Care for Tooth Extractions

Ice pack for tooth extraction aftercare

You can expect some light bleeding after an extraction. In many cases, firm pressure with a gauze pad is all that is needed to alleviate this symptom. When removing wisdom teeth, a few stitches may be necessary to help the gum tissue heal properly. A cold compress held against the cheek for twenty minutes at a time will alleviate pain and swelling.

In most cases, if the extraction site is kept clean and you follow our recovery instructions, your gums should heal in a few weeks. If you need replacements for the missing teeth, the dentist can create a high-quality and lifelike bridge, implant or denture. This will help you improve your oral functionality and your sense of self-confidence as well.