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Cosmetic Dentist - North Phoenix, AZ

Enhance and Brighten your Smile

If you would like to give your smile a dazzling makeover, our team at Devoted Family Dental is here to help with plenty of modern cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Ludu, Dr. Sharma and the rest of our friendly staff will be happy to review the options available to you and help you determine which ones best fit your personal needs. We will also be working hard to help you feel relaxed and right at home at our North Phoenix practice, located just outside of Anthem. It is never too late to pursue a more attractive appearance, so please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Porcelain Veneers

Woman with flawless smile Porcelain veneers are quality, tooth-colored restorations that are designed as wafer-thin sheaths, and they are ideal for patients who are hoping to treat several cosmetic flaws all at once. They do this by fitting directly over the visual surfaces of certain teeth and hiding chips, cracks, small gaps and more safely from view. In addition to being natural-looking, veneers are also very durable and resistant to staining. This means that once they are in place within your smile, they should retain their beautiful, flaw-free appearance for years.

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Closeup of smile with healthy teethWe understand that many of our patients become concerned when faced with the prospect of having metal, noticeably unnatural restorations added to their teeth. You deserve to maintain a confident appearance, which is why Devoted Family Dental offers metal-free restorations as a wonderful alternative. The quality materials we use are colored just like natural tooth enamel while also providing your smile with plenty of strength and function. They are also highly biocompatible, which means that they complement your health and are more comfortable overall. Our team wants your smile to be impressive in every way possible!

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Direct Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Young woman smiling outdoorsDirect bonding is a great way for patients to treat relatively minor cosmetic flaws (such as chips, stains or very small gaps) in record time. One of our doctors will apply quality composite resin to the tooth in question and sculpt it into place so that it appears lifelike and covers up the problematic area. This process only takes a single appointment, and the improvements can serve you well for several years.



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At-Home Teeth Whitening

Young man at home smilingInstead of having to rely on ineffective, store-bought whitening products, our patients can place their trust in our professional strength whitening kits instead when they are ready to brighten their teeth. The process is simple: our doctors will give you the personalized oral trays and high-grade gel, and your job is to wear them together every day for a certain period of time. You should achieve gorgeous improvements after a few weeks of consistent use.


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Gum Recontouring

Closeup of beautiful smileDo you feel like your smile looks overly “gummy” or short? This is a common sign of excess gum tissue. Thankfully, our cosmetic dentists in North Phoenix can reshape your natural gum line as needed to create a more pleasing and uniform appearance. Gum recontouring may also be necessary if a tooth is in need of restoration and more of its structure needs to be exposed for the procedure to be successful.



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