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Preventive & Family Dentistry in North Phoenix, AZ

At Devoted Family Dental, preventive care is the true focus of our practice. Dr. Ludu and Dr. Sharma want to help you not only achieve great oral health but maintain it throughout the years as well. Whether you haven’t made it to the dentist’s office for a few years or you have a young child who is finally ready for their first checkup, we hope you will choose to place your trust in our capable hands. Contact our North Phoenix location today if you have questions about the services we offer or if you’re ready to schedule the first visit. The whole family is welcomed here!

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

woman lying down on dental exam chair It is strongly recommended that children and adults alike attend at least two checkups and cleanings every six months. Our team may suggest more frequent appointments if you have concerning oral health problem (like periodontal disease) that requires constant professional maintenance. Our goal during these visits is to better understand your unique smile and help you correct any troubling concerns at their earliest and most harmless stages. We will carefully inspect every aspect of your oral health, from each tooth to your overall bite to any existing restorations. We also use digital X-rays to locate damage that may be hidden out of our sight. After we fully understand any problems you are facing, our doctors can partner with you in order to create the ideal treatment plan.

Cleanings are also a valuable part of preventive care because they remove decay-causing plaque and tartar from your smile. This helps reduce the patient’s risk of experiencing cavities. Our team can also often get rid of small stains during this process, leaving your smile feeling and looking refreshed.

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Children’s Dentistry

young boy wearing striped t-shirt It is our greatest hope that your entire family will feel comfortable and right at home at our practice, including its youngest members. As a mother, Dr. Sharma is well-aware of what children need to feel relaxed and well cared for, and her approach is incredibly gentle and warm. Our entire team enjoys treating infants, school-aged children, teenagers, and everyone who falls somewhere in between. We hope to help your loved one form a positive relationship with dental care right away!


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Dental Sealants

closeup of a young man If you or your child is overly sensitive to tooth decay, dental sealants are an easy and effective way to give your smile some extra protection. Sealants are painted directly over the tooth’s chewing surface, covering the deep pits and grooves so that food particles are unable to gather there over time. We typically recommend sealants for molars or pre-molars, as these teeth are located at the back of the mouth and hard for younger patients to clean properly. They should last for multiple years with the help of brushing, flossing, and regular checkups. If needed, our doctors will reapply them during your next visit so that they continue protecting your valuable smile.   

Nightguards for Bruxism

clear, pink dental nightguard Bruxism (teeth grinding) can be a common ailment resulting in gradual tooth wear-and-tear, severe headaches, jaw pain and other troubling symptoms over time. Our doctors can design a customized oral appliance (“nightguard”) to combat the condition and protect your teeth from harm. When worn during sleep, the nightguard will minimize contact between teeth and protect the jaw joints, allowing patients to rest easier.

TMJ Therapy

woman having a toothacheThe The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is an important component of your oral health, connecting the lower jawbone to the skull itself and allowing you to chew, speak, and smile without worry. Unfortunately, TMJ disorder (also known as TMD) can occur over time as a result of several potential causes, such as facial trauma or bruxism. As a result, patients may fall victim to serious and even debilitating jaw pain. Thankfully, our doctors are capable of diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder here in North Phoenix.


young girls playing basketball Oral appliances are also important for patients to wear when they’re a seasoned athlete and regularly participate in sporting events where they may come in contact with hard objects and other players. You (or your child) do not have to settle for a “one-size-fits-all” sportsguard from the nearest athletics store. Instead, our team can design a customized mouthpiece that provides plenty of comfort, flexibility, and sturdiness. The wearer is even able to breathe and speak clearly while wearing it.

Oral Cancer Screenings

couple sitting by the beach smiling Oral cancer is a dangerous health problem, but it can be successfully treated if it is caught early enough in its development. That is why our doctors have made oral cancer screenings a vital part of every single checkup. During this process, we will closely examine the mouth, neck, face, lips, and gums for any signs of abnormal and potentially cancerous tissue that could need further attention.

Fluoride Treatment

woman holding her daughter on her back Most communities here in the United States have added the mineral fluoride to their water supplies. Why? Because countless studies have shown that regularly drinking fluoridated water tends to lead to healthier, less cavity-prone teeth in patients of all ages. You can also get this important and valuable exposure from regularly using fluoridated toothpaste. However, if our team determines that you or your children could benefit from more fluoride, we can provide professional treatment during your next appointment.