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Emergency Dentist - North Phoenix, AZ

When Dental Emergencies Happen Devoted Family Dental is Here for You!

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, and often without warning. When a frightening incident like this happens to you or a loved one, already knowing a reliable dental team can make a world of difference.

At Devoted Family Dental, we always take your trust in us very seriously. Our practice makes time for emergency cases right away, and we will provide you with a safe and welcoming environment as well where you can feel true relief. If you are in need of urgent help here in the North Phoenix area, please contact us right away to schedule an emergency appointment with our experienced doctors.

First Steps for a Dental Emergency

Woman holding ice pack to faceWhen you find yourself facing a true dental emergency, it is important to have a plan of what to do first. Here are some important steps:

  • Be Very Careful– If a tooth has been partially or fully separated from your smile, take care to only touch the crown (white) portion and not any connected tissue. You can store the fragmented tooth in a container of milk or saline solution until you are able to reach our practice.
  • Stop Any Bleeding– Bleeding is common during oral health emergencies. You can use a cloth or gauze and apply moderate pressure to the injured area. After around 10 minutes of pressure, bleeding should start to lessen and then stop. If you continue to bleed at a heavy rate despite applying pressure, it is time to go to your nearest emergency room.
  • Touch Teeth Gently– If you have knocked out a natural tooth, we recommend that you try to place it back within its original socket in order to keep it moist. However, never use a large amount of force, as this can just cause more damage to your oral health.

We also recommend the use of a cold compress when faced with a broken or fractured tooth in order to reduce facial swelling. However, badly injured teeth are not the only possible dental emergency situation. Severe, lingering toothaches should also be considered urgent, as they are usually a sign of a deeply infected tooth. Please let us know right away if you are in pain so that we can assist you with root canal therapy or another restorative procedure.