Dental Crowns – Phoenix, AZ

Tooth Decay
and Injury Treatment

Man with healthy smile after dental crown restoration

 Every single one of your teeth can be separated into two parts. The portion below the gum line is called the root and the portion above it is known as the crown. If the crown of one of your teeth becomes seriously damaged by decay or traumatic injury, then your dentist can protect the remaining structure with a dental crown. Crowns are also commonly known as dental caps, but by either name these restorations help to restore form and function. Once the process for receiving dental crowns in our Phoenix, AZ dental office is completed, you will not be able to tell the difference between your restored tooth and one of your natural teeth.

Why Choose Devoted Family Dental Phoenix for Dental Crowns?

  • Carefully Designed for Comfort and Longevity
  • Made from Tooth-Colored Ceramics
  • Personalized to Your Exact Specifications

Reasons for Needing
a Dental Crown

Woman in need of dental crown restoration holding cheek in pain

A dental crown can be appropriate for several restorative needs and is sometimes used for cosmetic purposes too. For instance, a crown can be used when:

  • A large cavity has severely damaged a tooth.
  • A crack has deeply penetrated a tooth and there is a risk of breakage.
  • Unusual wear has diminished the size of a tooth.
  • A bridge must be held in place to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
  • A dental implant restoration needs completion.
  • You want to conceal a permanently stained, broken or misshaped tooth.

The Construction
of a Dental Crown

Model smile with dental crown restoration

In the past, dental crowns were typically made of metal, including an amalgam of silver or gold. Now, your Phoenix dentist has choices that are far more aesthetically pleasing and equally strong.

Most dental crowns today are made of either porcelain or ceramic. This way, the color of your restored tooth can be perfectly matched to your natural teeth. Advances in dental technology and materials ensure that crowns of porcelain and ceramic last for many years.

Receiving a
Dental Crown

Animated smile during dental crown placement

While the materials used to construct a crown are indeed different, the manner in which a crown is placed has not really changed.

You will need to schedule two visits with Devoted Family Dental Phoenix. At the first visit, your tooth is prepared. This requires anesthetizing the tooth and surrounding tissue so that your dentist can eliminate decay and carefully reshape the tooth by filing down the biting surface and sides. This step is important to ensure that your new dental crown sits comfortably between adjacent teeth and does not feel too high when you bite down.

After this step, we take an impression of the tooth that allows us to give you a temporary acrylic crown to wear while the permanent crown is custom crafted in our dental lab. Be careful while you have the temporary crown. Try to chew on the other side of your mouth more. Also, do not floss around the temporary because doing so can cause the crown to lift off.

In a couple of weeks, you will return to our dental office to have the temporary removed and the permanent crown cemented over your tooth. To care for your dental crown, brush with fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once a day and schedule regular dental checkups at Devoted Family Dental Phoenix.