Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction: Which One is Best?

January 9, 2021

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When it comes to addressing an infected tooth, you may be unsure which method of treatment is best. You might find yourself asking, “Root canal vs. tooth extraction: Which one will be better for my smile?” While there are plenty of positive and negative aspects to each procedure, only your dentist will be able to identify the right one for your individual needs. Read on to learn more about these common dental services and why a root canal is often preferred by patients and dentists.

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction: The Pros and Cons

Root canals and tooth extractions are two types of treatment most commonly used to treat severely decayed and damaged teeth. Depending on your individual case, one may be more beneficial than the other; however, each possesses its own pros and cons, some of which include:

Pros of a Root Canal

  • They allow you to keep your natural tooth
  • They eliminate the pain caused by the infection
  • You will not lose bone located around your tooth
  • It is a more affordable option than an extraction

Pros of Tooth Extraction

  • It can serve as a last resort to save your oral health
  • It is a great way to remove too many teeth from a crowded area

Cons of a Root Canal

  • Should your root canal fail, you will need retreatment, which can be timely and costly
  • You will be required to keep your mouth open for a long period of time
  • There is a chance that bacteria will be left behind

Cons of a Tooth Extraction

  • You may experience increased swelling and pain after an extraction
  • Unless you are having a wisdom tooth removed, you will need to consider your options for tooth replacement, which can be costly

Why a Root Canal is Preferred

The reason a root canal is often preferred as opposed to a tooth extraction in Phoenix is mostly that you get to keep your natural tooth. Maintaining your regular smile is crucial, as normal teeth are more durable than artificial prosthetics.

Not only are root canals much safer nowadays, but they have a high success rate and often leave patients feeling better and pain-free. Not to mention, they allow for the natural tooth to grow stronger over time thanks to the customized dental crown placed over it after the root canal is completed.

In most cases, a dentist will always recommend a root canal over a tooth extraction. As a result, you can expect your tooth to regain its beauty and functionality, allowing you to enjoy your natural smile for longer.

About the Author
Dr. John Ludu is a dentist in Phoenix who achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry before going on to earn his doctorate at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Undergoing various specialty education courses, he has more than two and a half decades of dentistry experience. Dr. Ludu and the dental experts at Devoted Family Dental believe in making sure all patients are safe and healthy before, during, and after a visit. If you are preparing to undergo a root canal or tooth extraction, contact us at (623) 444-6222 to find out which one will be best for the future of your oral health.

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