Why You Should Feel Safe Returning to See Your Dentist

July 3, 2020

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a dentist in Phoenix and her assistant performing an exam on a male patient’s smileIf COVID-19 has you contemplating whether there are safe areas outside your home, you are not alone. For many individuals, the “new normal” consists of playing in the front or back yard instead of at parks, ordering groceries online instead of visiting the store, and connecting with family and friends via ZOOM or Skype instead of driving to their home. Because COVID-19 remains a threat, you may be wondering, “Should I take a chance and schedule a visit with my dentist in Phoenix?” While you may feel apprehensive, it is time to consider why you can feel confident about returning for regular dental care.

Why It Is Best to Schedule an Appointment Now

Much like a doctor’s office, visiting your dentist can make you feel a bit nervous, especially if you see other individuals who may have a slight cough or runny nose. In the past, these symptoms were not as high of a concern as they are today, but no one wants to leave the dentist’s office having contracted a cold from another patient or staff member.

Fortunately, safety measures are now being implemented to avoid possible contamination or transmission of bad bacteria and viruses. Apart from the increased sanitation efforts and staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), many dentists are also looking for ways to minimize aerosols and harmful pathogens from remaining airborne.

Their commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment should help you to feel more at ease and comfortable in your decision to see your dentist during this time. After all, if you put off your appointment too long, it could have a significantly harmful impact on your oral health, which can become costly and time-consuming.

How Your Dentist is Approaching the COVID-19 Return Appointment

Dental professionals understand that all patients may feel uncertain when returning for their first appointment after the COVID-19 closure. To encourage individuals to come back and trust that their health and safety are top priorities, one particular dental safety protocol in Phoenix is helping to make the experience more calming and reassuring. Knowing that bacteria and viruses can be easily transmitted between patients and staff because of the necessary proximity when performing dental work of any kind, your dentist is likely finding alternative ways to take care of your smile without using aerosol-generating equipment. By minimizing the number of particles entering into the atmosphere, it reduces the chances of accidental transmission and contamination.

But avoiding these types of procedures is not always possible, which is why advanced chairside suction is also important. By making sure that there is a high-powered device that will capture these particles before entering the air, this takes patient and staff safety one more step ahead.

Your dentist never wants you to feel unsafe or uncertain about your visit, and if you have concerns about an upcoming appointment, make sure to contact a member of the team to discuss. Once you learn more about the active measures being taken to better protect everyone, you can feel more confident in choosing to return.

About the Author
Dr. John Ludu is a dentist in Phoenix who achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry before going on to earn his doctorate at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Undergoing various specialty education courses, he has more than two and a half decades of dentistry experience. Dr. Ludu and the dental experts at Devoted Family Dental want you to feel at ease when returning for an appointment, which is why they are enacting multiple safety protocols to keep everyone safe. If you would like to know more about these measures and what you can do to prepare for your upcoming visit, contact us at (623) 444-6222.

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