Find Out How Color Matching Your Dental Crown in Phoenix Gives You a Natural Smile

June 8, 2019

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a woman having a tooth matched to her natural colorIt can be incredibly embarrassing having one tooth that is obviously a different color or shade than your other natural teeth. Whether it is the result of decay, damage, or years of drinking too much coffee, your teeth can and do begin to “age” over time. But when you are in need of a dental crown to fix a particular problem, you want a restoration that will blend in with your smile, right? Find out how color matching your dental crown in Phoenix will help you maintain your confidence level and achieve a beautifully blended smile.

What is the Difference Between Shade and Color?

While you may often hear other people talk about the color of their teeth, in actuality, it is more about the shade than the actual color. How so? Let us explain.

Shades include everything from hue, chroma, and value. For the artists out there, the word “hue” is the same as “color.” Natural hues include yellow, red, or gray, and the chroma determines the saturation of a hue. When it comes to value, it is either light or dark.

How Does a Dentist Decide on a Color?

By using a shade guide, your dentist can better determine how best to match your dental crown to your natural teeth. These shade guides are made of plastic or metal and include a wide variety of fake teeth, each with a different shade. Holding it next to your teeth, they will compare the shade to the examples on the guide. Some ways they can determine the correct “color” include:

  • Using natural light – Sunlight coming through a window or fluorescents can better determine the color than incandescent lights. If necessary, you may need to remove your bright lipstick or any other makeup that could affect the color determination.
  • Using a gray cover – Bright clothing can also, surprisingly, have an impact on the perception of color. Your dentist may opt for a gray bib to cover your clothing to prevent a color contrast. It will also help the dentist when looking at a shade for too long. Only after 7 seconds will they look at a neutral color to reset.
  • Second opinion – As they always say, two sets of eyes are better than one, so do not be surprised if your dentist asks a colleague for a look. Color perception varies from person to person, so by having more than one person take a look, it reduces the chances for inaccuracy when color matching for your dental crown in Phoenix.

Once the dentist determines the correct shade, they will use drawings and digital photos of your natural teeth to help in the preparation of your dental crown. The dental lab will use this information to create the crown. If at any point, the crown does not look right during the creation process, the dentist will send it back to have them try again.

While it may seem easy, it is not, but rest assured, your dentist will do everything possible to make sure your smile is uniform and blended nicely. No match is perfect, but with the right eye and tools, you can feel confident about your new dental crown and smile.

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Dr. John Ludu achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry before going on to earn his doctorate at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Undergoing various specialty education courses, he has more than two and a half decades of dentistry experience. Are you in need of a dental crown but are afraid it will not look like the rest of your smile? Dr. Ludu and the dental experts at Devoted Family Dental want patients to understand that using advanced techniques, they can match the color of your dental crown to your natural teeth, giving you a beautifully blended smile. To learn more, contact us at (623) 444-6222.

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